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The Lord recently told me and has continuously reaffirmed to me to Feed My Sheep. Feed My Lambs. I have a great passion for God's people and for His little ones. I do not believe that the Churches have been feeding them with the whole gospel. They preach about what Jesus has done for them, saving them. However they do not teach them that you Have been bought with a price and you are not your own. They have to die daily. They are His bond slaves. That they need to buffet their bodies and bring them into subjection. That their enemy, Satan, stalks them like a roaring lion seeking whom he will destroy and that they need to be awake, aware and sober minded. I have very strong Bible knowledge and a strong ability to research any point that needs my attention. I know how to follow His Holy Spirit. I am strongly Conservative in doctrine. Greetings. My name is Robert Duskis. Saved in 1971. If you would like to communicate further about my possibly serving you and those who you love, please either call me on my cell phone of (714)351-0662 or email me at
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