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Our church is located in Clare, Michigan, in the greater Mt. Pleasant area. We are a Bible centered church located in a rural setting. We are looking for a Pastor committed to the Scriptures, to a pre-tribulation rapture, non-charismatic, evangelistic minded and discipleship. We are a smaller church with a good spread of ages from children to Seniors. We do have a children's ministry that is active. We do desire to reach out and grow numerically and above all spiritually. The church is an elder run church. We are contemporary with music (hymns are used at times)and ministry approach but we are committed to not violating the principles of Scripture. The successful candidate will have the personal qualities of a church planter. Depending on the personal financial needs of the Pastor and family this could be a full time or a part time position. The building is totally paid for and we are in the early stages of a remodeling project and the adding of a small addition. If you are interested contact us at Please send a resume and we will send you a 10 question form if there is a possibility of a good fit.
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