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I am prayerfully looking for a pastoral position in the Buffalo, NY greater metropolitan area. I am born and raised in Pittsburgh, where I currently live, but am moving to Buffalo in August. I am very Great Commission and outreach minded. I have experience as an Associate Pastor, a Youth Pastor, and as a Hospice Chaplain. I am a Bible believing evangelical Christian, and seek to live my life in close adherence to the teachings of Jesus for the glory of God. I believe that a church should seek to grow The CHURCH(greater body of Christ), not primarily seek to grow our church. Only when the growth, health, and well being of the Body of Christ are our first priority will the local church see growth. I would be happy to send you my resume and cover letter. Just send an email or give me a call. (412) 610-3289 Thank you! Pastor Stephen
(Posted 04/13/2018) - Ad# 487

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