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Prophet available to come to your church and, Lord willing, prophesy. I will help your congregation to understand prophecy. That is my main job. That prophesy is about love and edification. The Old Testament prophet period is over. The NT prophet works with other prophets, judging prophecy and everyone including women can prophesy today. You need to know what God has called you to do individually and corporately. Do not despise prophecy... And no, not just prophets hear from God, EVERY CHRISTIAN should, but it is an office that God created- to help people hear from God. BTW The main test of a prophet is "do they walk in love?" If you go for accuracy without character you are in trouble. (My extended bio will not fit so I will send it to those who): Email me with 1) the name of your church/and location, 2) your name and 3) your church's website. No phone calls initially but if we develop a good email relationship Lord willing I will send a brief bio.
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