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PastorProphet seeking small to medium sized church to shepherd. Any church denominationor or non-denomination that believes in JESUS and the in-filling of the HOLY GHOST and that studies the KJV Bible.I am a 60 year old man full of spiritual substance and maturity. I am not an empty novice. I have been preaching the gospel and teaching The WORD Of GOD for 42 years. I have been teaching the ways of the LORD for 20 years: Jeremiah 6:16, Hosea 14:9, Zechariah 3:7 and especially II Kings 17: 25 - 28. For over half my life, I have been mentored by 5 teachers. For the past 8 years I have been sharing a church building and heading my own ministry called "Prophetic Class," operating as a son of Issachar - I Chronicles 12:32. Three years prior to that I was asst. pastor at Greater Grace Temple and president of trustee board. Five years prior, I pastored my own church in 2 locations in Columbus - Shiloh Full Gospel Church. In 1998 1999 The LORD had me pray fast 40 days 40 nights both years. HE made me HIS Prophet.
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