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Is your church small, perhaps struggling from a split or other issues within the assembly? Does your church not have the resources to pay a salary or housing to a minister? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then perhaps God will join us together to bring about reconciliation and in unified purpose to seek out and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in his perfect grace and will. My name is Dale Martin, I am seeking to be blessed with the opportunity to serve in a collegial manner as pastor in such an assembly. About me: Husband of one godly wife for 30 years - Father of seven children, all good kids that love the lord - Ministered as outreach director, as pastor, and most important as a dad and husband - Ordained Independent Baptist and Apostolic Holiness. If God should bring us together in a permanent or interim role, I will come to listen, to learn, to minister, to suffer with you and rejoice with you, to grow in our Lord Jesus Christ, to get beyond the superficial and touch the supernatural. I can be reached at
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