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Want a REVIVAL?! Large church or small rural church. Maybe your struggling with membership and little or no money? Can I pastor for you? Room and board only or until approved as permanent by church board. If your needs are for a fill-in, just temporarily, or in emergency can I help? Although, I am ordained, since 1978; non denominational since 2015, I have never held the position as a paid pastor of a church. The focus of my ministry is pre counseling, adult film, and chat room monitoring. If you need a Guest Speaker? Minimum fee is .90 cents per mile travel to you and back home, plus $30. per day for meals and must pay for my motel room. All proceeds go toward ministry and continuing my education. -LinkedIn @Bishop Gearld W. Morris -Instagram@Ministergw3 -Twitter @MinisterGW3 -Facebook/socialbook
(Posted 05/22/2019) - Ad# 551

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