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Elder Najiyah Madu The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to do His work in and out of season. The purpose of church meetings is prayer, worship, communion,reading scriptures, encouragement, instructions, the development of spiritual gifts and development of leaders & workers to spread the good news.Many Churches today are more interested in elaborate buildings than they are in building the body of Christ. Some are focused on entertainment and not true worship some on getting and not giving some on have a feel good time and no real healing and deliverance some are filled with feasts and in-house celebrations that do little or nothing to lift up the name of Jesus. I may not have all the paper degrees that many churches require these days but, I know that according to Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I previously founded and Pastored a church for 3yrs. Through troubled times I did prison ministry 14 yrs. and the Lord continues to call me back to Pastor a church... here am I. (Due to a system crash, Anyone who contacted me in the past 6 months needing a Pastor, please re-send me your contact info!)
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