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Rural Linden TN Nondenominational church is seeking a pastor that is filled with the Holy Ghost,uses the KJV Bible, Loves people and loves to build God's Kingdom. Needs to be Bivocational/ Retired. For more information you can email will be glad to answer any questions. Thank you
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We are seeking a bi-vocational/retired Senior Pastor for our church in Hagerman, ID. A man that has a heart for expositional preaching, is led to adhere to the Bible as his guide for leading our congregation, and to lead the lost to salvation and the saved to edification. He must believe the Bible is all God breathed and sufficient for salvation. He must qualify as stated in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, realizing that there is nobody perfect but one.We have a large facility which includes a gymnasium, kitchen, and class rooms with room to grow. There is a parsonage next to the church, 3-bedroom, 2-bath with all utilities included. We can also provide a stipend. Our church is Valley Baptist Church of Hagerman Idaho, population 1,180, located on the main street of Hagerman. Hagerman Idaho is a small community on the Snake River 35 miles Northwest of Twin Falls, and 100 miles Southeast of Boise. We are considered part of the Magic Valley area which is big in agriculture and dairy. Theres lots of hunting and fishing, and sites to see.We are a small congregation of like-minded bible believing Christians that love the Lord that hold fast to a 6 literal 24hr day creation that God is sovereign over all things (even us), and that the apostolic miracle gifts have ceased with the ending of the apostolic first century era. Our attendance ranges from 15 to 30 on any given Sunday. We would like to see growth in our church, first for the glory of God, also with the vision that we would be able pay a full-time pastor, as a worker is worthy of his wages.
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Experienced pastor, church-planter, and missionary with Bible college and seminary degrees looking for a small missions-minded church (preferably in the country or in a small town) to shepherd, love, and lead so that we can glorify God together and share the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not yet know Him. Holding unashamedly and with the utmost confidence to the authority and sufficiency of the Word of God, I preach and teach expositorily, in a verse-by-verse manner as well as, on occasion, topically, with the desire to proclaim the whole counsel of God. I believe in evangelism and affirm that salvation is by God's grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, for the glory of God and eternal joy of the repenting sinner. When it comes to my leadership style I am a team player who does not believe in leading from a distance. As a shepherd, my responsibility is to love, lead, protect, teach, guide, help, encourage, and counsel those God has entrusted to my charge. In regard to church and denominational affiliation, I have served both Baptist and non-denominational Bible churches. Presently, I am serving in an interim pastoral position and will be available in the Spring 2021. I also direct a small mission's ministry which, while requiring me to travel a few weeks of the year also provides a modest stipend that enables me to serve smaller churches bi-vocationally. My family and I enjoy an outdoor country lifestyle of hunting, fishing, raising critters, and hanging out with church family and friends. We are primarily interested in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, WV, Missouri, and Arkansas. You can check out many of my sermon series and find other information at our mission ministry website:
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St Johns UCC is a conservative rural church located in Tylersville PA. With our support, our current pastor is pursuing a calling in hospice ministry therefore we are seeking a full or part time pastor who concentrates on sound Biblical principles. We ask all applicants either be ordained, licensed or be willing to pursue such credentials. We are a small church with 75 current members. As a congregation we would like our minister to help us study the past, to guide us in the present, to build our future with GOD for our church and community. Our area provides an excellent opportunity for rural living at its best. We are located in a picturesque, quiet and caring community. We are within short driving distance of 4 colleges, 5 hospitals, many state parks and cities with arts and recreation. Parsonage and benefits provided. Application materials should include a letter of interest, resume, and the names and contact information of at least three references. Please contact us with your submission of an application, for a complete profile, and dialogue at
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I could go on about all my qualifications and all the wonderful things Ive done and experienced, but honestly, that doesn't really matter to you and to the needs of your fellowship. The only thing I can offer you is that my wife and I have, for many decades, walked in and experienced the sufferings of Christ that He has laid out for us before the foundations of the world were laid. I will come, I will serve, I will spend a great deal of time with you personally, and with the church as a whole, teaching/preaching and getting to know you, so that I might hear what the Holy Spirit has to say for your fellowship. All I can tell you is that if you want someone who, along with his wife, will give themselves with a single purpose of heart, no matter how small the church, then perhaps you should look at my YouTube channel where I put a number of short videos giving you an example of what I preach and my mentality. email is, Cell is 913.207.8570, Please, I do not want to talk unless you have listen to some of my videos. My YouTube channel name is "a word to the church" no caps. YouTube Channel link:
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In WV including the tri-state area of eastern KY and southern OH, also the north western VA area, Harrisonburg VA and surrounding but will give consideration to any southern state. Ordained Southern Baptist, experienced, gifted in pulpit and with music. Need full-time position or long-term transitional Interim opportunity with respectable salary and housing provided. Contact through this website for a complete Ministry Info packet. Leave your phone number and I will call you promptly for I would love to talk with you! God Bless you!
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Our rural Mid-Missouri non-denominational church is looking for a minister. Our last "retired" minister pasted from a heart problem. We had about 25 members attending but during this cov-19, attendance as sometimes dropped to 15. The church has a very positive cash flow and many helpful, loving people from this local farming community. The basement was totally remodeled last year, to include two new furnaces with air conditioners. This provides a great space for our "Bible Study classes". The church is located between 3 towns, about 5 miles from each. These towns include Fayette, Harrisburg and Rocheport. The minister will have to find his own home or living quarters. For more information email:
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First Baptist, a rural, non-denominational church, located in Dove Creek, Colorado, is actively seeking the senior pastor whom God has chosen to lead us. We have an active membership of 50, with an attendance of 40-60 people on a Sunday morning. Dove Creek is a small, tight knit community whose economic income is primarily derived from farming, ranching, and jobs in the school district and local government. The churchs main focus at this point is worship services, Sunday School, women, children and youth ministries. Our outreach also includes Facebook Sunday service broadcasts, Vacation Bible School and community support.We are asking God to provide a pastor who will come along beside to encourage, equip and motivate this congregation.To provide your resume or to request more information please email the search committee at
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Middlecreek Christian Church is prayerfully seeking a full-time senior pastor, whom God has chosen to lead us into the future, for a small-country, nondenominational church. We are a unique, loving, family-oriented church in the Poconos. We are seeking a person who would take on the full responsibilities of a lead pastor. Hours to be determined. Initially preaching Sundays, covering small groups, developing and nurturing leaders within the congregation, conducting weddings and funerals, and other assignments as deemed appropriate. Salary to be discussed based upon qualifications and availability.Ideal Candidates Shall: Carry the qualities for elder/pastor listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. Clearly have a love for the Lord, which will be demonstrated through loving others, keeping ones eyes pure, maintaining a consistent devotional life, and being committed to stewardship. Possess a seminary degree with a few years of pastoral experience with a congregation. Hold a passion to teach the Word of God. Be strong administratively (following budgets, setting goals, planning events, etc.). Act as a team player with a personality and style that attracts people and shows an eagerness to cultivate strong, mentoring relationships. Please visit our website at to familiarize yourself with our background and offerings. If you feel God is calling you to consider this position, we ask that you read over our full job description and application process posted above. Each resume will be prayerfully considered as we seek Gods direction. If you have any questions, please reach out via email at or by phone: 570-629-4066. Thank you in advance for your interest and prayers. We look forward to your response and are prayerfully seeking Gods provision of the right person to serve as our next Pastor.
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First Baptist Church in LaFollette, Tennessee is prayerfully seeking a bi-vocational senior pastor. LaFollette is located 40 miles north of Knoxville. We are a conservative Southern Baptist Church.Please send your resume to First Baptist Church 255 W. Central Ave. LaFollette, Tennessee 37766, or email the church at
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Roundtown Baptist Church seeking senior pastor for independent fundamental,KJV small church with bus ministry. We have diverse members at different ages. Must love people, must love Gods word. Will need part time job to start. Church is in good financial condition. No debt. Average attendance on sundays is about 110 including the buses. Please respond to email : or
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Praise the Lord... My wife and I just moved to Wilson NC a few months ago and not looking to relocate. I have been in Prison Ministry for 15 years. Pastored a Church that I founded years ago and low membership caused us to close the doors. Since then I have been teaching and preaching at various churches in NC. We attend a Church here in Wilson and still have the desire to Pastor a small congregation within 50-60 miles of Wilson like ( Raleigh, Night Dale, Wendell, Middlesex, Wilson, Rocky Mount, Nashville), or any where near these cities. Not looking for large church or a large amount of money, If you are looking for a Bible based preacher that is Holy Ghost lead to speak the truth no matter what... then email me or call me and leave a message if I can't answer (252-235-7745). God bless you.
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A church consisting of two congregations located in a north central Pennsylvania rural community is seeking to fill the pulpit with a pastor to lead their charge. Primary responsibilities include leading the Sunday service via sermon preparation and delivery, develop and nurture leaders within the congregation, develop disciples of Christ and conduct community outreach activities associated with church growth. Additionally, participating in long-term planning and visitation are also anticipated responsibilities. Bible college and / or seminary training and ministry experience are desired, but each resume will be prayerfully considered as we seek Gods direction. Exact responsibilities and salary are negotiable for this position. Final candidate must pass all required State and Federal Clearances. If you would like more information, contact us.
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If you are searching for a visionary, motivator, passionate for Jesus man to lead your church forward we should talk. Every church God has assigned me to has grown. I have pioneered three churches from nothing and know what it is to start small but refuse to stay small. If you want a revivalist, a teacher/preacher of the word of God, a pastor that still visits, believes in hospitality, rubs shoulders with the sheep ,and is approachable, and will get involved in the community, then we should talk. I believe in social media, I believe in using every means possible to reach todays generation. I am open to relocation and if you want a leader with a servants heart lets work together to build Gods kingdom. I am not just a KJV only minister, I use various translations to get Gods message across to people. I have had my own television and radio broadcast. I want to impact a community for God. I dont have time to waste and neither do you. Lets talk and see where this might take us. I will not compromise Gods word for a position.
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Im looking for a small church in Canada, having an undenominational one in mind, composed of Christians who are seriously hungry for the deep things of God. My major is Bible-teaching preaching, expository. No attempts to entertain, though I seek to present truth in an interesting way, homiletically organized. I can send sample recordings of my preaching to any who are seriously interested. I hold a fundamentalist position, with the doctrines generally associated with that stand. Ill provide a detailed statement of faith to enquirers. insist that worship does NOT mean working up a sentimental feeling, but rather approaching God with deep reverence and giving glory to Him. I graduated from Prairie Bible Institute (Three Hills, Alberta) in 1966. I have held one English-language pastorate in Saskatchewan, and then one French-language one after coming to Quebec with Operation Mobilization. I have also worked in two Bible bookstores, and exercised an itinerant Bible-teaching ministry for 34 years. Im now 75 years old, but in excellent health and have no desire to retire. But due to my wife's frail health, I think it would be wise to settle down now to a more localized ministry. To expound the depths of the Scriptures, Id have to give most of my time to studying and prayer, though Id make my best effort at visiting the sick and shut-ins, seeking to reach the lost in the community, and counselling any with problems. Id be glad to be in touch with any group of Christians who think I might be of service to them.--John M. Sinclair
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First Baptist Church of Galva, a Bible believing church in Galva, IL, is searching for a senior pastor with a seminary degree. Duties would include providing leadership and oversight to the ministry of our congregation and the surrounding community, preaching the gospel each Sunday, conducting other devotional meetings as agreed upon by the board, be a member ex-officio of all boards and committees, have a willingness to work with other pastors and become a well-respected member in our community with a heart reflective of Gods love, be devoted to serving others and be joyful in the company of children and youth. The senior pastor would lead worship services at 8:30 AM (contemporary music) and 11:00 AM (traditional music) on Sundays, delivering well-prepared and organized messages. The senior pastor would also be expected to carry out the following duties:Create, implement, and evaluate Sunday morning Bible study and Sunday School curriculum and be available to teach a Sunday morning Bible class, if needed.Coordinate Thursday night activities (which includes a meal, Adult Bible study and AWANA).Attend all committee meetings.Visit and minister to congregation members unable to attend regular church services (ie. homebound and hospitalized).Church ministries include AWANA, Food Pantry, Thursday night meal and Adult Bible study, Community Vacation Bible School, and Galva Ministerial Association. Outreach duties include planning events that reach out to families in our community providing an opportunity to minister to their needs and also to develop a youth program that captures the interest of children aged 10 to 18.Priorities of the church are: 1) Preaching, 2) Interpreting the faith, 3) Counseling, 4) Pastoral care, 5) Evangelism, 6) Worship preparation leading, 7) Conflict management, 8) Spiritual life development, and 9) Visitation. Competitive salary compensation package provided. Interested candidates may request more information at:
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Senior Pastor Bible Based, Contemporary, Christian Church Portland, MaineStroudwater Christian Church in Portland, Maine, is searching for a new pastor after tragically losing their pastor of 30 years on May 2. While we continue to grieve his loss, we believe God has big things in store for our future. Click the website link below for informationand email to receive a fillablePDF questionnaire.Website link:
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First Baptist Church of Lantana is a Southern Baptist church located in Palm Beach County Florida. We have been established for 51 years. We are looking for a bi-vocational pastor to lead us in Christ's ministry to each other and our community. Approximately 20-30 hours per week. If interest please email resume to: or mail to First Baptist Church of Lantana, 1126 W Lantana Road, Lantana, FL 33462, phone 561-588-3341 or Brenda Cell 561-444-6759.
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Lead pastor needed to engage the local community out of a state of the art worship facility. The applicant must have Wesleyan theological education, preferably is married with school age children and has experience overseeing a small staff. Preaching style must be challenging yet winsome, approachable and inspirational. Compensation is commensurate with education and experience. A housing allowance is also provided. Send resume to
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Senior Pastor -Immanuel Evangelical Free church, York, Pa Experienced builder/leader to preach and teach the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit and provide leadership to the congregation and edify the saints.York, Pa is a well populated area. Immanuel is currently seeking a bi-vocational senior pastor to provide leadership for our congregation which has a weekly attendance of 35-45 people. Willing to make a long-term investment in our church growth and to the community by God's grace leading to a possible full time ministry position.In addition to those items noted in the job description at preference will be shown to potential candidates who have the following qualifications: 1.Pastoral experience with skills in preaching, teaching and community outreach. 2.Previous experience managing multiple staff and able to serve alongside our existing part time staff of an assistant pastor/worship/youth leader and office manager. 3.A preference given to those with pastoral experience or pastorate(s) longer than three years. 4.A seminary degree from an evangelical seminary(preferred): minimum education of a Bible college degree oriented to pastoral ministry. 5.Full agreement with the Statement of Faith of the church, which is the same as the Evangelical Free Church of America(EFCA). 6.Been ordained or licensed and either has those credentials with EFCA or is willing to pursue full ordination credentials from EFCA.Please visit the IEFC website , review and prayerfully consider several important documents. Go to the "About" menu tab 1.Who we are, information about IEFC 2.What we believe, our Statement of Faith 3.Senior Pastor Job Description.If, after considering this information, you believe you have the godly character, spiritual gifts, requisite skills and inner desire to be considered for the senior pastor position, send your resume to
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Experienced Yes 66 years old. Let's Get that out of the way I am a Bible teacher, former pastor, married 45 years to a godly woman. I believe Jesus Christ is the head of the church who will lead His body. Sound fundamental Bible doctrine, clear grace, premillennial, not charismatic or Reformed. I have taught in many many different contexts and types of churches over 40 years. I don't have a doctrinal statement and I likely won't 100% agree with yours. I love God's word. People grow under my teaching and we have sold our house, need no salary, just looking for a small church that could use us, love us, minister with us, stand for Christ in these last days. If interested drop me an email at the link here. We are living temporarily in NE Tennessee as we wait on the Lord. Available for interim, pulpit supply, SS classes or other ways to serve. Please don't bog us down with unnecessary Bi laws and constitutions and the like. Let's just agree the Bible is sufficient.
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Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church, a Bible believing, non-denominational church in Mountain City TN. is looking for an experienced lead pastor. Our church is led by a plurality of Elders and we are looking for a gifted pastor teacher (Ephesians 4:11) to help lead us and teach us line upon line precept by precept (Isaiah 28:10) the Word of God. We are looking for a man of God to help shepherd the flock by praying for us and with us and seeking God’s will and His purpose for His church. We want to grow first in Christ and as well in numbers and in outreach within our community and beyond. Job description: Help to Shepherd the flock that God has provided by teaching at Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, counseling, administer baptisms, visitation, Communion monthly, conducting weddings funerals, consistent prayer for and communication with those in the congregation. Candidate Description: Essential Characteristics: Believer in Christ, Meeting the biblical standards for pastors set forth in (1 Timothy 3:1-7). Strongly committed in his life to serving Christ with a vision for ministry outreach. Must agree to the Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Church Constitution and By-Laws, as well as our Statement of Faith (available on Facebook page or upon request) and have an unwavering, belief in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant word of God. (1 Timothy 3:15-16).Other Considerations: Experience is desired as well as a recognized gifting from other church leaders. The church as well as the community is relatively small with a median income per household of 26,000 yr. Salary and compensation package would be competitive with this with the understanding that as the church grows, so would the salary. Interested candidates may contact: Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship @ 423-727-4599, or Elder Jay Calhoun 423-460-1109 or email at
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New Life Assembly Church in Lima, OH is seeking a part time Assistant/Youth Pastor. We are an independent evangelical/full gospel church. The ideal candidate would be a husband/wife team that is able to help build our Youth and Children's Ministry and also be well versed in tech and video production. He would also fill in the pulpit when the Pastor is away. Salary is flexible/biovocational depending on your abilities. If you are interested you can email the church at or call us at 567-371-3566. You can visit our website at or our Facebook page New Life Assembly in Lima, OH for more information.
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When churches hire, they look for education, experience, or both. Are you a young person or older adult sensing a call into the ministry and want to get hands on experience as a staff member at a church? I am looking for an associate pastor/worship pastor to bring on staff to help me with my two smaller conservative United Methodist Churches. My hope is to train and invest in this individual. I cannot pay at this time (although a stipend is possible), but you will gain staff (not volunteer) level experience, training, and preaching experience, all with a felexible schedule. Think of as sort of an intern position. Would you like to know more? Send me a message!
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Here is the skinny: I recently pastored in a congregationally led church in Iowa, but the church was split over the denominations stance on what constitutes marriage. The church eventually voted to leave the denomination because of its sinful position, but the vote and bitter fighting took a toll on my family. We moved back to Kansas City and left the church in good shape. We set up AWANAS, started a functional youth group that took kids to camp, saw people get healed of sickness (including pancreatic cancer, back injury, and shoulder arthritis), and the church grew in numbers. Above all, we exalted Jesus and welcomed Holy Spirit. Before that, I worked for a church as an associate pastor for seven years. Lots of overseas missions work experience as well as working in a Christian school. I understand the hard times that pastors and churches go through. I want to help a church that is in transition or maybe just wants to give a pastor some much deserved rest and relaxation. I have a doctorate in ministry, am ordained, and wrote a book that is free on Kindle. I would prefer to be within a 3.5 hour drive from Kansas City, Missouri, but I may be open to travel nationwide. My family is a priority of course. I want to help churches of all sizes. I have great references and will send a resume upon request.
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Called to be a watchman 1976 filled with his holy Spirit came to the Knowledge of the truth 1987 after intense study of Romans Titus and Deuteronomy. Married to Joseph Grosso 1988 32 years in June 2020.Have given Prophetic word regarding Mental Facility in South Fl. which came to fruition by Fl Gov. Bob Graham. Speak such as God's Holy Spirit gives the utterance. We believe that "God Inhabits the Praises of his people" Joseph plays by ear keyboards drum machine can play drums harmonica own system and mics! We sing his praises together and encourage all to do the same lifting up holy hands.Believe in laying on of hands and recovery of the sick.Joseph works full time and we come by faith accepting love offerings as God see's fit. We go where God sends us Joseph was a former drug addict delivered by God supernaturallyI have believed in God since a child but still a sinner saved by grace and have had a vision of Angels telling me you are going to be alright your going to be ok going up and down a ladder that was 1982 and here it is 2020 and I am ok and I am alright 38 years ago. 386-283-8660 or
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