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Lead pastor needed to engage the local community out of a state of the art worship facility. The applicant must have Wesleyan theological education, preferably is married with school age children and has experience overseeing a small staff. Preaching style must be challenging yet winsome, approachable and inspirational. Compensation is commensurate with education and experience. A housing allowance is also provided. Send resume to
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My Beliefs/Statement of Faith:God: God is the creator and ruler of the universe. I believe in His eternal existence in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ: Jesus Christ is the begotten Son of God who was born of the Virgin Mary and lived a sinless life and He followed God's plan for salvation by offering Himself as the perfect sacrifice by dying on the cross.He was raised from death on the third day and ascended back to heaven and is seated next to God. We have the promise of His return and His conquest of all evil. Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is co-equal with God the Father and God the Son. We have been given the Holy Spirit to make us aware of our sinfulness and our need for salvation through forgiveness in Christ.At the moment of salvation the Holy Spirit inkwell's that person. As born again believer's we seek to live under the guidance and instruction of the Holy Spirit.The Bible: The Bible is the inerrant word of God that was given to human authors, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.Salvation: Christ has gone to cross and taken our punishment for our sin. God has raised Him up to be our intercessor. We have the promise of forgiveness of all sin - past, present, and future. Baptism: I believe in "Believer's Baptism." Evangelism and Missions: I am very supportive of and active in evangelism and mission work. Marriage: I believe that marriage that is sanctioned by God is marriage that joins one man and one woman in an exclusive union.SANCTITY OF LIFE: GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF LIFE AND ALL HUMAN LIFE IS TO BE PROTECTED, INCLUDING PRE-BORN BABIES, THE AGED, THE PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY CHALLENGED.Please contact me for more detailed resume and experience.
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Senior Pastor -Immanuel Evangelical Free church, York, Pa Experienced builder/leader to preach and teach the Word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit and provide leadership to the congregation and edify the saints.York, Pa is a well populated area. Immanuel is currently seeking a bi-vocational senior pastor to provide leadership for our congregation which has a weekly attendance of 35-45 people. Willing to make a long-term investment in our church growth and to the community by God's grace leading to a possible full time ministry position.In addition to those items noted in the job description at preference will be shown to potential candidates who have the following qualifications: 1.Pastoral experience with skills in preaching, teaching and community outreach. 2.Previous experience managing multiple staff and able to serve alongside our existing part time staff of an assistant pastor/worship/youth leader and office manager. 3.A preference given to those with pastoral experience or pastorate(s) longer than three years. 4.A seminary degree from an evangelical seminary(preferred): minimum education of a Bible college degree oriented to pastoral ministry. 5.Full agreement with the Statement of Faith of the church, which is the same as the Evangelical Free Church of America(EFCA). 6.Been ordained or licensed and either has those credentials with EFCA or is willing to pursue full ordination credentials from EFCA.Please visit the IEFC website , review and prayerfully consider several important documents. Go to the "About" menu tab 1.Who we are, information about IEFC 2.What we believe, our Statement of Faith 3.Senior Pastor Job Description.If, after considering this information, you believe you have the godly character, spiritual gifts, requisite skills and inner desire to be considered for the senior pastor position, send your resume to
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Is your church "pastor searching" - collecting resumes, holding committee meetings, etc.? There is a lot of pressure on these people. Perhaps I can help. I am a Bible teacher, former pastor, married 45 years to a godly woman. We are retired, need no income; but are praying for a church that could use our help for 3-6 months to solidify a foundation based on the New Testament while looking to the future. Not an "interim", but a transitional man. One who has been through the process several times, able to help both those searching and looking while taking the pressure off of having to fill the pulpit every week. Someone the saints can bounce questions off of, someone to moderate. Just like Barnabas went and found Paul to help in Acts 11. One who will not take a salary. Perhaps yours is an established congregation or a new work just getting started. I believe Jesus Christ is the head of the body who will lead His body. Sound fundamental Bible doctrine, not charismatic or Reformed. If interested drop me an email at the link here. I have some further writing to more explain my thinking. We currently live in southern Colorado but are willing to be used anywhere the Lord directs. Available early August.
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Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship church, a Bible Believing church in Mountain city Tn. is looking for a lead pastor. The church is located about 42 miles northeast of Johnson city Tn. Mountain City is a town of around 2500 people, is the seat of Johnson County with total county population being around 18000. Our church is led by a plurality of Elders and we are looking for a gifted pastor teacher (Ephesians 4:11) to help lead us and teach us line upon line precept by precept (Isaiah 28:10) the Word of God. We are looking for a man of God to help shepherd the flock by praying for us and with us and seeking Gods will and His purpose for the church. We want to grow first in Christ and as well in numbers and in outreach within our community and beyond. Job description: Help to Shepherd the flock that God has provided by teaching at Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services, counseling, administer baptisms, visitation, the Lords Supper-Communion once a month, conducting weddings and funerals, consistent prayer for the congregation, and regular communication with those in the congregation. Candidate Description: Essential Characteristics: Believer in Christ, Meeting the biblical standards for pastors set forth in (1 Timothy 3:1-7).Strongly committed in his life to serving Christ with a vision for ministry outreach. Must agree to the AGCF Constitution and By-Laws, as well as our statement of faith and have an unwavering, belief in the Bible as the inspired, inerrant word of God. (1 Timothy 3:15-16).Other Considerations: Retiree or Lay Man of God with another source of income may be what God would have as the church is relatively small offering what it can with regards to compensation. Interested candidates may contact: AGCF @ 423-727-4599, or Elder Thomas @ 423-440-9885.
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New Life Assembly Church in Lima, OH is seeking a part time Assistant/Youth Pastor. We are an independent evangelical/full gospel church. The ideal candidate would be a husband/wife team that is able to help build our Youth and Children's Ministry and also be well versed in tech and video production. He would also fill in the pulpit when the Pastor is away. Salary is flexible/biovocational depending on your abilities. If you are interested you can email the church at or call us at 567-371-3566. You can visit our website at or our Facebook page New Life Assembly in Lima, OH for more information.
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We are a large family of who loves the Lord and looking for a place to serve within 75 miles of Terre Haute, IN. An interim or possibly a part-time position is desired. We can lead worship, preach, teach, give leadership, etc. Our children are ages 4-13. Dad has over 20 years of ministry experience in the church and outside the church. We have a heart for the "lost" and strong desire to see people passionately engage in worship. Money is not our focus; serving God, using our gifts and talents is! WE WANT TO BE USED!!! If this sounds like something your church could use, or needs, please contact us at We are waiting to hear from you!
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When churches hire, they look for education, experience, or both. Are you a young person or older adult sensing a call into the ministry and want to get hands on experience as a staff member at a church? I am looking for an associate pastor/worship pastor to bring on staff to help me with my two smaller conservative United Methodist Churches. My hope is to train and invest in this individual. I cannot pay at this time (although a stipend is possible), but you will gain staff (not volunteer) level experience, training, and preaching experience, all with a felexible schedule. Think of as sort of an intern position. Would you like to know more? Send me a message!
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Here is the skinny: I recently pastored in a congregationally led church in Iowa, but the church was split over the denominations stance on what constitutes marriage. The church eventually voted to leave the denomination because of its sinful position, but the vote and bitter fighting took a toll on my family. We moved back to Kansas City and left the church in good shape. We set up AWANAS, started a functional youth group that took kids to camp, saw people get healed of sickness (including pancreatic cancer, back injury, and shoulder arthritis), and the church grew in numbers. Above all, we exalted Jesus and welcomed Holy Spirit. Before that, I worked for a church as an associate pastor for seven years. Lots of overseas missions work experience as well as working in a Christian school. I understand the hard times that pastors and churches go through. I want to help a church that is in transition or maybe just wants to give a pastor some much deserved rest and relaxation. I have a doctorate in ministry, am ordained, and wrote a book that is free on Kindle. I would prefer to be within a 3.5 hour drive from Kansas City, Missouri, but I may be open to travel nationwide. My family is a priority of course. I want to help churches of all sizes. I have great references and will send a resume upon request.
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Called to be a watchman 1976 filled with his holy Spirit came to the Knowledge of the truth 1987 after intense study of Romans Titus and Deuteronomy. Married to Joseph Grosso 1988 32 years in June 2020.Have given Prophetic word regarding Mental Facility in South Fl. which came to fruition by Fl Gov. Bob Graham. Speak such as God's Holy Spirit gives the utterance. We believe that "God Inhabits the Praises of his people" Joseph plays by ear keyboards drum machine can play drums harmonica own system and mics! We sing his praises together and encourage all to do the same lifting up holy hands.Believe in laying on of hands and recovery of the sick.Joseph works full time and we come by faith accepting love offerings as God see's fit. We go where God sends us Joseph was a former drug addict delivered by God supernaturallyI have believed in God since a child but still a sinner saved by grace and have had a vision of Angels telling me you are going to be alright your going to be ok going up and down a ladder that was 1982 and here it is 2020 and I am ok and I am alright 38 years ago. 386-283-8660 or
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Berean Bible Church, an ethnically diverse, non-denominational church in NE Philadelphia, Pa with a current congregation of 50-60, is seeking Gods choice of a part-time lead pastor, with a view to full time as God grows the church. This man shall be called and equipped by God, to grow with us and help us to reach our largely Roman Catholic community with the gospel. We desire an energetic, inspired ministry leader who is passionate to accurately preach and teach the inerrant, inspired, authoritative Word of God to affect spiritual growth as he equips the saints for the work of the ministry. Duties also include leadership, evangelism, discipleship, counselling and visitation. Must have a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and be compatible doctrinally as dispensational, pretribulational, premillennial and neither reformed/Calvinistic nor Arminian. Bible college and/or seminary training and ministry experience are desired, but each resume will be prayerfully considered as we seek Gods direction for the leader who meets the qualifications in 1Tim 3:1-7 and Tit 1:6-9. Salary negotiable. Parsonage available. Interested candidates can send resume and personal doctrinal statement to: Berean Bible Church, 3330 Byberry Rd., Phila., Pa 19154, attn: pulpit committee, or email to
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Grace Sanctuary, an apostolic non-denominational church fellowship, is actively searching for a pastor to lead our committed congregation. Our church is located in Savannah, Tennessee, nestled on the Tennessee River between Memphis and Nashville. Grace Sanctuary desires a pastor with unwavering faith and boldness to preach the inerrant Word of God. We are looking for a pastor who is able to guide us on our spiritual path and purpose with his preaching, teaching, leadership, and evangelism. Grace Sanctuary is looking primarily for someone that could come on board for us bi-vocationally. We will need a pastor that will be involved in community outreach and related activities designed to grow church attendance. If you feel God is leading you to answer this call, please submit your resume. Potential candidate must provide: Four references: two which are professional, and two which are personal. References must include name, address and telephone number. Proof of religious credentials (license/ordination). Provide all ministerial and/or pastoral experience. Name, address and telephone number of previous or current church affiliation. Please include pastors name if applicable. Proof of legal identification: birth certificate, drivers license, and passport if applicable. Final candidate must clear background check.Candidates may apply via standard mail or online at these addresses: Attn. Pastor Search Committee, Grace Sanctuary Inc., 435 Florence Rd., Savannah, TN 38372 or email to
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God is surely calling me to find a church, I have preached a few times, however God is calling me to preach full time and be a preacher to feed the flock! I am looking for a church to start preaching at, it has been about two years since Ive preached but the Lord is telling me to go! Maybe there is a community that is looking for someone who they will allow to get a ministry started. Please contact me at: or by calling me: 606-407-2387 God bless everyone! Im always free! I am located in Maysville, KY
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I'm an experienced, married, middle-aged pastor in the Nashville, TN area, seeking either a part-time or full-time pastorate in the Nashville or middle-Tennessee area. Conservative, Bible-based, sound leadership. Jesus Christ is Lord! Email .
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Pastor/ministry leader seeking opportunity in Oklahoma, having returned to the Tulsa region. 30 years of pastoral-ministry leadership experience. Mission minded, intercessory focused, community dedicated, equipping pastor seeks the right fit! Lover of the Word of God, educator, excellent communicator (English accent too!) and deeply sensitive to the Holy Spirits work in the Body of Christ. Seeking a church/ministry that exudes relationships and has a vision and purpose to grow internally mature and externally with effect. The Great Commission is my life. I am a strong believer in the demonstration of the gospel as revealed in Jesus and the Apostles. Embrace contemporary presence led worship. Respect multi-generational ministry. Qualifications include 3 yr Diplomas, a B.A and M.A in ministry respectively. Would love to find the right fit for longevity and meaningful commitment. We believe God called us back to this region with heavenly intent. I look forward to God-led communication.
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Terry Parker Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church incorporated in 1958. We are searching for the Lords servant to fill the position of full-time Senior Pastor. We are one church speaking two languages - English and Spanish. We currently have 189 active members. The English-speaking congregation meets every Sunday at 9:15 am for Bible Study and 10:30 am for Worship Service. The Hispanic congregation began 9 years ago and is led by the Hispanic pastor. This congregation meets every Sunday at 4:00 pm for Bible Study and 5:00 pm for a more contemporary worship service. Both congregations have Wednesday night Bible Study and programs for all ages. The Senior Pastor would need a minimum of a 4 year degree from a recognized SBC college or seminary and five years of preaching and leadership experience in a Southern Baptist church. The Senior Pastor is responsible for preaching the Word of God and ministering to the congregation. He needs the managerial talent to supervise the church staff. He is responsible for following the church by-laws and personnel policies. He oversees the Fellowship of Deacons as they use the Family Ministry Plan to minister to the church families. The salary for the position of Senior Pastor is negotiable and can be allocated by the Senior Pastor as allowed by the IRS. Moving expenses if required are negotiable also.Please contact us at 7024 Merrill Road Jacksonville, FL 32277 (904) 744-6577, FAX (904) 744-0307
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The Holy Spirit is compelling me in obedient faith to serve in a pastoral position to a small assembly of believers. If God brings us together, I will come to humbly serve and will never request nor accept any salary as we are financially secure. I will come only to share, to listen, to care, to preach and teach, so that together we may know Jesus and grow in Him. I have been trained and ordained and meet the qualifications of Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4. Along with my wife (married once) and our seven children, I have been serving for over 25 years as a follower, leader, teacher and preacher. If you would like to engage me for more information, please email me
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Jon Hoodenpyle Age 57Wife: LesaChildren : Gabriel,/NikkiRebekah/ ArronJacob/Danielle ChadMarcie/JeremyGrandchildren: Emmaline, Naomi, GraysonI draw retirement from 38 years with school system. I have been involved in ministry since 1990. I have pastored a church, done outreach work, filled in until a church found a pastor. Taught a marriage class. I took two years home Corrospondence in Theology thru Central Christian University out of Blytheville, took Marriage certification course thru MarryToday ( Jimmy Evans). Some churches would say that I am disqualified because I have gone thru a divorce and am remarried. But Paul in Titus was talking about men that practiced being married to two wives at one time. Yes God hates divorce. It says if an unbeliever wants to leave then let them. It says the believer isnt bound, but free. 1 Cor. 7:28-29 says if you are married dont seek getting divorced, if you are divorced dont seek getting married, but if you do get married again you have not sinned. Its Gods amazing grace that forgives, wipes the slate clean. If he anoints you, calls you to sleep dont worry about whats in your past.
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SEEKING PART-TIME PASTOR First Presbyterian Church, Sigourney, Iowa, is seeking a pastor who will be the spiritual leader of the congregation. The successful candidate must be filled with and led by the Holy Spirit to provide Christian leadership in all areas of the church and engage in pastoral care for the congregation. They must have great administrative and organizational skills and possess the qualities of a pastor, teacher, leader, and caregiver. Please send resume and tape recording of sermon to First Presbyterian Church 215 N. Jefferson St. Sigourney, Iowa 52591 Position will be open until filled. You may email any questions to
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BridgePoint Church located in Gloucester, Virginia, established in 2011 is seeking a Lead Pastor that will serve as the spiritual leader and teacher of our Elder led church. He shall communicate well and proclaim the Gospel through preaching and teaching to believers and non-believers. It is imperative that he accept, practice and believe "The Baptist Faith and Message 2000". He must have a strong desire to promote church growth through discipleship as to expand our congregation to its fullest potential. We at BridgePoint are passionate about "Connecting people far from God, to new life in Jesus" through community. Therefore our pastor will be dedicated to prayer and fulfilling the "Great Commission" through evangelism, example, and enthusiasm. (Matthew 28:18-20) As disciples who are united to Jesus by faith, we believe we'll see transformation in every area of life.
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First Baptist Church of Quartzsite is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor. Quartzsite, Arizona is a small desert town located approximately 18 miles east of the Colorado River on Interstate 10. JOB DESCRIPTION: Plan and conduct worship services prepare and deliver sermons and lead in observance of the church ordinances, Lead the church in an effective evangelism and in a care ministry for those in the church and community, Lead in an effective care of visiting members and prospects, Conduct counseling sessions, Perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funerals, Lead the church in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the total ministry of the church. Represent the church in civic matters. Act as moderator of the church business meetings. Work with church members as they perform their ministry responsibilities. Serve as administrator of the paid church staff supervise the work of the ministry staff both volunteer and paid ministers and directors. Function as an Elder of the church with all the elders. First among equals. He is also ex official of all teams, board and committees of the church. QUALIFICATIONS: Compatible Doctrinal statement and Statement of faith. Attitudes and Skills: Optimistic People skills such as: A strong encourager and lover of people, Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and speaker, A passion to invest relationally, Good leadership skills such as: Emphasis on biblical teaching, Develop effective ministry teams, Shepherd and develop the leadership of the church. We are part of the National Conservative Baptist Association and Regional Southwest Church Connection. Resumes can be submitted to:
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Historic American Baptist Church located in rural North East Pennsylvania, seeking born-again, part-time/bi-vocational pastor. Our next Shepherd must love the Lord and love Gods people. We are seeking a faithful man who exemplifies I Tim. 3:1-7 5:17 2 Tim. 2:1-4 Titus 1:6-9 is Ordained or Licensed Baptist (or baptistic) pastor possesses conservative theology adept in preaching and teaching abilities who demonstrates commitment to Gods church. Competitive salary and benefit package. Resume submission (text only with digital photo): Send to or Search Committee, Aldenville Baptist Church, 971 Creek Drive, Prompton, PA 18456.
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The Reyburn Bible Church is a small fundamental church, located in a rural area of Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are currently seeking a part-time Pastor who meets the following criteria: A man who believes that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant Word of God. He must agree with the Doctrinal Statement of the Reyburn Bible Church. He must be willing to abide by the details of the Constitution of the Reyburn Bible Church, relating to the conduct and function of the Pastor, officers, and teachers. He must live his life in accordance with the Word of God. He must pass all required State and Federal Clearances. An experienced professional, with Seminary or Bible College degree is preferred, but each resume will be considered on its own merits. Resumes may be sent to: Reyburn Bible Church, C/O Russell Belles, 109 Reyburn Rd, Shickshinny, PA 18655. Questions may be directed to Russ Belles at 570-542-7068.
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St. George Community Church (SGCC) is prayerfully seeking a Christian, Bible-based, ordained Senior Pastor with a vision, called by God and equipped to preach and teach Gods Word effectively. The qualified candidate is responsible to God and the church to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach the Bible, to provide Christian leadership in all areas of church life (worship, teaching, preaching, outreach, staff administration, and stewardship), and to engage in pastoral care for the congregation and the community. Our Pastor must be willing and able to attract and encourage people of all ages with the gospel of salvation to advance the Kingdom of God.SGCC has been an active Christian church at its present location since 1958. The sole basis for our belief is the Bible, which is uniquely God-inspired and the final authority on all matters on which it bears. (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 1:20-21).The church building is near Dixie State University, with a student population in excess of 11,100. Students are allowed to use our parking lot when no church activities are scheduled. St. George is located in and serves Washington County, with a population currently about 120,000 and growing.SGCC has 52 active members with an average Sunday Worship Service congregation of 80 and an average adult Sunday School attendance of 20. The median age of our members and regular attenders is approximately 65. There are no regular children attenders SGCC has no active childrens or youth programs at this time. We have active Womens Ministry and Bible Study groups in addition to Sunday School. We incorporate a blend of traditional and contemporary hymns.Our Statement of Beliefs can be found in every Sunday bulletin as well as on our website: The position will remain open until filled.
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Faith Bible Church Seeking Pastor/Teacher....MINISTRY DESCRIPTION - To provide education and leadership for our congregation. We are a suburban church with a membership of approximately 50 members and weekly attendance of 60 to 75 people. Our mission is to make and mature disciples of Christ to the glory of God. More traditional music is sung, but some contemporary songs are used if they are of sound doctrine and complement the Sunday worship service. QUALIFICATIONS - Minimum of five years experience in teaching and ministering to mature Christians. A seminary degree from an evangelical seminary or at a minimum, a degree from a Bible college oriented towards teaching. Been ordained or licensed, and either has those credentials with the EFCA or is willing to pursue full ordination credentials with the EFCA. Must be in full agreement with the Faith Bible Church Statement of Faith. RESPONSIBILITIES - The Pastor/Teaching Elder shall function as the first among equals. It is the duty of the teaching elder to: Help lead the elders and the rest of the church in effectively obeying God's leading as revealed in Scripture. Teach sound doctrine for the purpose of maturing believers. Be an example of good works to the congregation. Visit the sick and in-firmed to provide comfort. Counsel those who seek help.TO APPLY: If, after prayerful review of the qualifications, you believe you may be a viable candidate, please send your resume to:
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Clearmont Community Church (CCC) in Clearmont, Wyoming is searching for a full-time senior pastor. About Clearmont Community Church: CCC is a non-denominational, conservative Bible believing church. Ages in the church range from infants to elderly, with an average Sunday attendance of 45-60. About Clearmont: Clearmont, WY is a rural community 35 miles east of Buffalo and 45 miles east of Sheridan, Wyoming. The town and surrounding community consist of approximately 300 people. The church is involved in local and international missionary outreaches including a local food pantry, a weekly CEF Kids Program, youth group, an annual Mission Trip to Honduras, and has historically worked closely with the local K-12 school. Sheridan, WY is the closest community with full-service shopping including a Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and a thriving medical community. The communitys economy is driven by agriculture. Senior Pastor Job Description: Description of duties include but are not limited to: Preaching, leading the Sunday service, teaching, discipling, leading Bible studies, visitation, performing traditional pastoral care obligations, and other Pastoral Care duties as they arise. Qualifications: Qualified applicants should abide by Gods standards for a pastor/elder according to 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9. Qualified applicants will align themselves with the Clearmont Community Church Doctrinal Statements, Vision, and by-laws.To Apply: Send letter of interest, resume including a current picture, statement of faith, personal testimony, and two audio files or links of two (2) recent sermons to For other questions, call the CCC Office at 307-758-4597 or check out the website at
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Position: Senior Pastor, Caroline Valley Community ChurchLocation: Brooktondale, New York. About 7 miles from Ithaca, New York, home to Cornell University and Ithaca College, recently ranked as the 1 college town and 39th best place to live in the United States by Primary responsibilities include leading the Sunday service including provision of the sermon, and conduct community outreach and related activities designed to grow church attendance. Included would be visiting the sick and homebound, and providing counseling for those in need, as well as participating in long-term planning for church activities and functions.Affiliation: This is a federated church affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church.Salary: This is a half time position with an expected salary of approximately 24,000. Some room for negotiation of exact responsibilities and salary exists. Over time, salary and responsibilities could be expanded for a pastor who is successful in growing the church.Contact: If you would like more information, contact us. To apply, send a cover letter and vitae. Applications will begin to be reviewed March 1st and the posting will remain open until the position is filled. Email: Mail: Pastoral Search, Caroline Valley Community Church, 546 Valley Road, Brooktondale, NY 14817.Phone: 607/319 -5426 (Diane Stone, Chair of search committee) or 607/539-6270 (Eddy LaDue, search committee member)
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Looking for a pastor is less like hiring an employee, and more like finding the right spouse. That is, there's only ONE who is truly called and ordained to serve as your shepherd, and the only way to find him is to seek the Lord's guidance to bring you together. The Lord, alone, knows the real potential of any person, or what's truly in their heart... so unless you seek HIM and let HIM do the choosing, you'll be disappointed and will be back here again soon looking for another one. "But the Lord said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

As for me, I'm probably a different kind of pastor than most, in that my primary concern is not the church size, denomination or what you have to offer, but ONLY IF THE LORD HAS CALLED US THERE. I'm a seasoned pastor of many years, who preaches the truth of God's Word regardless whether it pleases everyone or not, I fast and pray until God brings breakthroughs, and I love and care about people until it hurts. And through the ministry of Worship, Prayer and the Word, we've been overjoyed by the awesome array of souls, blessings, and marvelous answers to prayer THAT HE BROUGHT in each of the several churches we've pastored previously (John 15:5).

What we are praying for is GOD'S CALLING to that flock that He has ordained for us. And we're confident that wherever HE SENDS us, HE will again bring blessing, revival and victory as we humble ourselves before Him, seek his face, obey and proclaim his precious Word!

My wife and I are musically gifted, well-educated, highly experienced, with all the bells and whistles that look good on a resume... but more importantly, we're filled with the Holy Spirit, believe in His awesome power to do the impossible, and are in love with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We're currently located in MIDDLE TENNESSEE, and Lord willing, are looking to remain in this area. We'd be so glad to hear from you, and pray for God's leading and direction. Please briefly tell us something about your church and the general location. Thanks and God bless you! Email
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I am a ordained minister in a non-denominational church for over 20 years. I was raised up church of god and other denominations will preach wherever god leads me. I have took my ministry in several types of churches with a lot of success bringing sinners to the altar nightly and weekly being saved. I am a spirit filled, teaching minister excited on fire for god. I am looking for a full time position and be a big part of the community and watch the church grow through power of prayer. I have a godly wife of 30 years that loves god and is a big part of my ministry. I have a bachelor and masters degree. I live in northwest alabama at the time and would love to find a church in Alabama, Mississippi, or Tennessee but will consider anywhere god leads me to pastor. I have experience with business and administration side of the church and have so many ideas to make a church grow. If you want a pastor that is godly and brings the word of god week after week, full of energy and excitement contact me at 205-570-1229 or drop me a email at Also if you looking for a great revival to bring sinners to the altar contact me. As long as Gods in it I am willing to obey him and let him guide me in the right direction daily. I am also a Iraqi war veteran and army veteran. Hope to hear from you soon god bless
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