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Passionate Pastor/Teacher seeks a church that has a vision for world evangelization and is committed to grow through clear preaching of Gods Word. For 2 years served as Adjunct Professor of Global Government Leadership Institute (GGLI) a private, not-for-profit establishment, teaching leadership to student-centered faculty, pastored 6 years as Senior Pastor of Paulean Ministries. Have worked officially with the Hands Fellowship on many projects, host a local and nationwide radio program, and authored several books. Nondenominational, reformed and premillennial in theology. Hold to the full inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. BA. Present salary: 45,000, plus benefits. If you are searching for a pastor who specializes in caring for people God's way, and have a heart for evangelism and world missions, I invite your serious inquiries. Please call or e-mail me.(856) 238-1236
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I am 'T." My wife, "K," and I have served in many aspects of ministry for more than twenty years. These include youth ministry, international missions, and currently, Senior Pastoral roles. We are seeking God for direction and leadership for our family to join a Spirit-led church that is alive and thriving and to become a part of God's work there as the Spiritual Leader and Pastor. We desire to serve unhindered by 'religion' and see God work as only He can. We understand that believers are in a spiritual battle with a real enemy every minute of every day and need guidance to persevere. "K" and I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to gift believers and perform miracles, even in the world we live in. We know He will do far more than we can ever ask or think.We are excited about the opportunity to serve together in ministry and see God bless in ways we cannot even imagine. I have included a link to my resume, but if for some reason it does not open as it should, feel free to email me and I will send it as an attachment, along with any other information requested.We are prayerful that God will direct our steps to the church He intends for us to lead and that everyone involved will be in complete agreement in all aspects of the process. Submitting this in obedience and believing with expectation what God has in store for our future.
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Looking for an Interim to Full-time Pastor opportunity in the south, namely in one of these states VA, NC, SC, TN, AL, GA, FL but will give consideration to all inquiries. An Ordained Southern Baptist, with a wealth of diverse Experience, Gifted in Pulpit as well as with Music. A people person who gets to know people in short order, wife and daughter are great assets too. Would need housing and a respectable salary. Could begin as your Interim (for 90 days) then a vote later to be your Full-time Pastor. Please contact through this website for a complete Ministry Information Packet or call 304-837-6934. Waiting to hear from you!
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These ads are very troublesome to me, because I am uncomfortable proclaiming myself to be this or that. I know it’s important to have experience, but then again, my experience might not fit what your church needs. Sufficient to say, I have in the last 45 years done most of the jobs and ministries within the church. I’ve helped raise churches from ground up, pastored and merged churches together to form one strong church, worked within a network of churches, run discipleship programs, etc. But, what I would like to tell you is that my wife and I, by the leading of the Lord, would like to come and serve whoever is poor and needy. What I’m really looking for is a church, no matter how small, that has allowed the Lord to break them so that they are hungry and thirsty after God, or are willing for the Lord to work that in the church. They have no more care for labeling themselves as this or that. They are hungry for the reality of Christ in their lives and they desire to see people come to the Lord and be discipled. Their hearts’ desire would be not to perpetuate a church system, but to truly affect the community around them for Christ. We are willing to move wherever that would lead, to join with a group of people and lead them. If this sounds like something that God is doing in your church, or what you would desire. I’ve listed 3 YouTube channels below. Please look at them if the Lord speaks to you, and please contact me and we will see what God may do.Channel name: a word to the church: Channel name: two dumb sheep praise Jesus: Channel name: martys bible talks:
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I am pastor with 10 years plus ministry experience. Most of those years as a senior pastor. I am currently looking for a church in need of a pastor. I graduated from the University of Valley Forge. I majored in theology/pastoral ministry and minored in music. My wife also graduated from UFV, she has the ability to start up childrens programs and lead/help with worship. I have the ability to preach the Word of God accurately, practically and with clarity. I also have the skill set to identify, train, and equip persons to do ministry. I make sure that every ministry I am involved in is Spirit led, biblical and theologically sound. I promise to be visible/involved in the communities around the church. I have experience working with various ministry groups of different sizes along with families and many outreaches. I have a passion to see those transformed for Christ, to seek the Lords vision for the church and working with the board/elders. I wanted to thank you for taking your time to look at my add and for prayerfully considering me as a candidate. Please reply to this add for my resume and additional information
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Horace Boone ThD11065 Effie Dr. Chippewa Lake, MI. 49631(231) 252- 6666 (cell) Objective: I am seeking a position as pastor of a church in the mid west. I have 20 some years of pastoral experience.Experience:As a pastor I have fulfilled all of the various tasks that pastors normally perform such as: in home visits, hospital visits, personal counseling sessions, praying with families in times of need and suffering, encouraging families and individuals when difficulties arise, leading Bible studies, scheduling events, performing wedding ceremonies and funeral services, etc. Also, doing physical work around the church building when needed. Too many other tasks to mention. Education:1- Bachelor of Religious Education: Grace Bible College, Grand Rapids, MI.2- Master of Religious Education: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary 3- Master of Pastoral Studies: Bethany Seminary 4- Doctorate of Theological Studies: Bethany Seminary 5- A Life of Personal study in the Word, of which all the formal education can not replace. Equipping: With respect to my preaching, I have done both ex-positional verse by verse preaching as well as topical and or theme messages. I am comfortable with both styles. From my perspective, I do not preach sermons, I prepare and come to a service with what I feel is a message from the Lord for the people on that day and time. My messages tend to be practical and relevant to where people live. I feel it is important that folks are able to walk away with something from the message that they can apply to their lives and help them become more committed servants of Christ. Questions or Comments: Should you have questions, you may contact me at either my email or by phone. In His Service Horace Boone
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Your Church is in transition and you need an experienced Pastor who can walk you through it. I am Ordained Southern Baptist, gifted in the pulpit and with music, a real people person with a wife who is a great asset as well. Need a respectable salary and housing provided. If you are in one of these states, VA, WV, OH, KY, TN, AL or any southern state contact through this website for a complete Ministry Info packet. I would love to talk with you! God Bless!
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If you are searching for a visionary, motivator, passionate for Jesus man to lead your church forward we should talk. Every church God has assigned me to has grown. I have pioneered three churches from nothing and know what it is to start small but refuse to stay small. If you want a revivalist, a teacher/preacher of the word of God, a pastor that still visits, believes in hospitality, rubs shoulders with the sheep ,and is approachable, and will get involved in the community, then we should talk. I believe in social media, I believe in using every means possible to reach todays generation. I am open to relocation and if you want a leader with a servants heart lets work together to build Gods kingdom. I am not just a KJV only minister, I use various translations to get Gods message across to people. I have had my own television and radio broadcast. I want to impact a community for God. I dont have time to waste and neither do you. Lets talk and see where this might take us. I will not compromise Gods word for a position.
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Im looking for a small church in Canada, having an undenominational one in mind, composed of Christians who are seriously hungry for the deep things of God. My major is Bible-teaching preaching, expository. No attempts to entertain, though I seek to present truth in an interesting way, homiletically organized. I can send sample recordings of my preaching to any who are seriously interested. I hold a fundamentalist position, with the doctrines generally associated with that stand. Ill provide a detailed statement of faith to enquirers. insist that worship does NOT mean working up a sentimental feeling, but rather approaching God with deep reverence and giving glory to Him. I graduated from Prairie Bible Institute (Three Hills, Alberta) in 1966. I have held one English-language pastorate in Saskatchewan, and then one French-language one after coming to Quebec with Operation Mobilization. I have also worked in two Bible bookstores, and exercised an itinerant Bible-teaching ministry for 34 years. Im now 75 years old, but in excellent health and have no desire to retire. But due to my wife's frail health, I think it would be wise to settle down now to a more localized ministry. To expound the depths of the Scriptures, Id have to give most of my time to studying and prayer, though Id make my best effort at visiting the sick and shut-ins, seeking to reach the lost in the community, and counselling any with problems. Id be glad to be in touch with any group of Christians who think I might be of service to them.--John M. Sinclair
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