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ABOUT ME:I am 50 years old and am married to my beautiful wife Tiffany. I have two daughters Andrea (21) and Emilee (13) and two stepdaughters Isabella (15) and Lily (14) and a son Xander who is 1. I was called into the ministry in January 2001. I have 17 years combined as a senior pastor, and 20 years of preaching experience. My preaching style is evangelistic!I believe the church should strive to be all it can be and do what God has commanded, and that is SHARE GODS AMAZING LOVE to everyone! MY PASSION: My passion is seeing lost souls saved, and ministering to those who have already come to know the Lord. I also have a strong desire for missions, children, youth as well as seniors. I have a passion for visitation programs whether it be at the hospitals, homes or in the prisons. I hold in high regard in serving God as doing what he has called me to do. What a great honor it is to serve God. Its something I dont take lightly or for granted. I also hold a deep passion for singing Gods praises through song. I love, with Gods guidance bringing life and excitement into the church and the community!WHERE I STAND ON MY UNWAVERING MORAL ISSUES:HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG ABORTION IS MURDERMARRIAGE WAS INSTITUTED TO BE A BETWEEN A MAN WOMANGENDER IDENTITY WAS CREATED BY GODLets continue to stand for JESUS! Ephesians 6:13 Pastor Buddy FamilyNOTE: I cannot relocate at this time, but will commute within a 50 mile radius of Monroe NC. I have been divorced. Details listed on my resume
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Although recently retired from full-time ministry I am actively seeking the next work God has for me. I am available for an interim pastor position. I have 30 years experience as a senior pastor and 15 years as a cross-cultural missionary. Education and Experience: Graduated from Washington Bible College (Lanham, MD) with a BA in Bible from Washington Bible College and also from Capital Bible Seminary with a ThM in New Testament Greek. I did doctorate work in missions at Columbia University (Columbia, SC) I am ordained. I served 15 years with InterAct Ministries training Native pastors/leaders in Western Canada. I returned to the US and became the senior pastor of Hillside Community Church in Bellwood, PA and served there for 27 years I also served 3 years as a campus pastor at their Juniata church. For more information and references please contact me by email at Thank you.
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Im seeking a position as a Senior Pastor with the goal to reach people with the saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, assist in developing them into Spirit-filled servants and facilitating opportunities for them to use their God-given talents and gifting in places of ministry to reach their circle of influence and communities. My vision is to raise up a mature life-giving church that uses its gifts and talents in unity and harmony to reach their community for Christ and being on the cutting edge of the End Time Revival spreading throughout the earth today. I have extensive experience in church planting in the US and abroad. My wife and I were able to plant churches in diverse cultures such as the Deep South, the Northeast, African American culture, Hispanic culture, and an Anglo culture. We have experience in church revitalization, revival ministry, evangelistic crusades, teaching in Bible Colleges and Seminars and church growth.If your group or church is interested a further conversation, please contact me . Area of interest: GA,Fl,Al,TN,SC,NC,MS,LA,AR. Possibly TX,OK.
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EXPANSION! Expand your territory to the TV Screen with your very own TV show. Christian TV Network is seeking preachers who are interested in expanding their ministry to a worldwide TV audience. Special grant funding to cover the cost of TV airtime and special training on how to obtain sponsors and partners for your global TV Broadcast.Don't miss out on this special opportunity. For more information please contact the Director of Programming at 404 836 3838 ext. 1003. To learn more about us visit
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My Name is Hal Nichols and I have been a pastor, missionary and director of a homeless shelter for over thirty-years. I am very passionate about God's word and the work of Prophecy in these last days. I am not interested in the name-it claim-it gospel or the prosperity movement. Rather, I am seeking a people who are seeking to do God's will in these last days. the church has lost its way and gone after the world. God has put it in my heart to call His children back to the purpose of our salvation through discipleship and preaching of His word. We are indeed close to the end of the age and time is important now more than ever before. I only ask for the opportunity to speak "one time" and to sit down and talk about the reality if the gospel as it relates to our times and how we have lost our way. After that if you don't agree you have lost nothing and can move on in the direction you fell Jesus is leading you. But I think if you love Jesus and are seeking the Holy Spirit's help you will know how important the message I have is for this generation. Ideally, I would love a weekend opportunity so we can really engage in the word of God and see what I am all about. Hal Nichols 267 Hyatt Lane Sneedville Tn 37869
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Passionate Pastor/Teacher seeks a church that has a vision for world evangelization and is committed to grow through clear preaching of God's Word. For 2 years served as Adjunct Professor of Global Government Leadership Institute (GGLI) a private, not-for-profit establishment, teaching leadership to student-centered faculty, pastored 6 years as Senior Pastor of Paulean Ministries. Have worked officially with the Hands Fellowship on many projects, host a local and nationwide radio program, and authored several books. Nondenominational, reformed and premillennial in theology. Hold to the full inspiration and authority of the Scriptures. BA. Present salary: 45,000, plus benefits. If you are searching for a pastor who specializes in caring for people God's way, and have a heart for evangelism and world missions, I invite your serious inquiries. Please call or e-mail me. (856) 238-1236 or
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I am 'T." My wife, "K," and I have served in many aspects of ministry for more than twenty years. These include youth ministry, international missions, and currently, Senior Pastoral roles. We are seeking God for direction and leadership for our family to join a Spirit-led church that is alive and thriving and to become a part of God's work there as the Spiritual Leader and Pastor. We desire to serve unhindered by 'religion' and see God work as only He can. We understand that believers are in a spiritual battle with a real enemy every minute of every day and need guidance to persevere. "K" and I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to gift believers and perform miracles, even in the world we live in. We know He will do far more than we can ever ask or think.We are excited about the opportunity to serve together in ministry and see God bless in ways we cannot even imagine. I have included a link to my resume, but if for some reason it does not open as it should, feel free to email me and I will send it as an attachment, along with any other information requested.We are prayerful that God will direct our steps to the church He intends for us to lead and that everyone involved will be in complete agreement in all aspects of the process. Submitting this in obedience and believing with expectation what God has in store for our future.
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Looking for an Interim to Full-time Pastor opportunity, namely in one of these states SC, NC, GA, also my home state of WV but will give consideration to all inquiries. An Ordained Southern Baptist, with a wealth of diverse Experience, Gifted in Pulpit as well as with Music. A people person who gets to know people in short order, wife is a great asset as well. Would need housing and a respectable salary and help securing wife employment. Could begin as your Interim (for 90 days) then a vote later to be your Full-time Pastor. Please contact through this website for a complete Ministry Information Packet and leave your phone number and some information about your church situation. Waiting to hear from you!
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I am pastor with 10 years plus ministry experience. Most of those years as a senior pastor. I am currently looking for a church in need of a pastor. I graduated from the University of Valley Forge. I majored in theology/pastoral ministry and minored in music. My wife also graduated from UFV, she has the ability to start up childrens programs and lead/help with worship. I have the ability to preach the Word of God accurately, practically and with clarity. I also have the skill set to identify, train, and equip persons to do ministry. I make sure that every ministry I am involved in is Spirit led, biblical and theologically sound. I promise to be visible/involved in the communities around the church. I have experience working with various ministry groups of different sizes along with families and many outreaches. I have a passion to see those transformed for Christ, to seek the Lords vision for the church and working with the board/elders. I wanted to thank you for taking your time to look at my add and for prayerfully considering me as a candidate. Please reply to this add for my resume and additional information
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